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Machine embroidery
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Stitch Era tutorials
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This tutorials series provide an introduction to computerized embroidery, also called machine embroidery using the Stitch Era Software.

The purpose of our Stitch Era tutorial series is to help people get going past the very first steps. We are writing down our own experience while we still remember the more difficult issues. We try to group issues in a more natural way, i.e. introduce subjects rather by problem then by tools area. Contents are split over several articles and some topics may be addressed from several angles...

Our tutorials are strongly biased toward going the "vector drawing" route, i.e. creating a nice computer drawing first (either by vectorizing bitmaps, importing vector art or drawing yourself), auto-digitizing these vectors and then adjusting the stitch sections. It makes a lot of sense in our context (educational technology and technology education), but may not in yours.

Our target population are rather ICT-savvy people, for example, students in educational technology, graphic designers, or teachers using ICT in education. I expect readers to have some experience with at least some kind of multi-media program, e.g. drawing, CAD, image manipulation, multi-media animation.

List of Stitch Era tutorials

Tutorials have not been updated for the latest version, i.e. version 20 as of 2022.

Think, don't trust me

List of Stitch Era (v.11/17) beginners tutorials:

These tutorials should introduce all the major concepts and procedures to create embroidery from various graphic arts and also explain how to modify or create your own vector drawings.

List of hotfix tutorials

Case studies

List of Stitch Era v.11/17 intermediate tutorials:

General articles about computerized embroidery and hotfix


Tips for using the tutorials

  • For navigation between various embroidery articles and tutorials of the on-line version, you also can use the little expansion menu to the right. Click on the little [+] to expand You will find this button on top right of each embroidery page.
  • Most images in articles can be enlarged by clicking on them... I usually reduce pictures to 400, 600 or 800 pixels in order to make them fit a small display area.

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