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fr:Geneva Health Forum 2018 embroidery


Machine embroidery supports communication (advertising, messages, strong ideas) and identity processes.

At the Geneva Health Forum 2018, TECFA organized a machine embroidery activity, a form of computer-aided design and manufacturing.

Version française: Geneva Health Forum 2018 embroidery


Drawing form given to participants

Initial design

The participants made a drawing with big markers, or sent a drawing or an image by email.

Digital Design

  • The handmade drawings were scanned
  • The images have been reduced in color and then vectorized
  • The vectorized (cleaned) images have been translated into customizable embroidery objects


  • Embroidery objects (set) have been exported in machine format (* .jef for Elna / Janome)
  • The structured fabric used was Gunold's STEP.

All of this is explained in various

. In particular Embroidery patch and Stitch Era - creating embroidery patches.


In two days we had the opportunity to see several interesting stitched embroidery designs. We can distinguish 5 kinds:

  • Militant messages
  • Identity drawings
  • Existing digitized logos
  • Sketches for new logos
  • Drawings without specific objectives

The creation of such an embroidery takes between 30 minutes and 50 minutes. For example:

  • 10 minutes for drawing and explanations
  • 10 minutes for scanning, vectorizing and creating embroidery objects
  • 0 to 10 minutes for adjusting the embroidery objects
  • 12 to 20 minutes for the stitching with the Elna 8300, a small embroidery machine.

Choice of designs

We selected the following designs, shown as visualization of the machine readable embroidery files.

GHF 2018 embroideries made by participants

Some pictures


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