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Program design and implementation [19 words]
(created by Daniel K. Schneider on 2023 Mar 24 Fri 17:13:38 GMT)
I am working again on my lecture notes on educational program design and implementation (CAS HEiE). Enjoy.
Arbores Tech Infrastructure [46 words]
(created by Daniel K. Schneider on 2022 Jul 5 Tue 11:39:47 GMT)
Infrastructure of Arbores Tech Sàrl should be completed by the end of the Year. Completed: Small Wordpress main web site, Moodle, this Wiki, Administration tools (planning, accounting, salaries). ToDo: Online sales, Better documentation (so far: see Créer une start-up)
News July 2022 [43 words]
(created by Daniel K. Schneider on 2022 Jul 5 Tue 11:13:03 GMT)
This wiki slowly takes shape. While most contents still mirror pages from EduTechWiki, we did add some original contents. In french, how to create a start up in Switzerland, and in German some pages on Machine Embroidery.