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Hello to ArboresTechWiki, the open, publicity-free and non-commercial resource from Arbores Tech Sàrl. ArboresTechWiki includes information about educational technology, digital creation, online collaboration, evaluation and related subjects.

As of spring 2021, it is under development. Since I founded EduTechWiki, since I was its main contributor, since contribution to the English EduTechWiki is very low now, and since its Creative Common license allows that under the condition to give credits, I transferred some contents (mostly written by myself) to this wiki. Some pages will evolve, some will remain stable, others will be deleted in the near future. So far, there are some glitches and missing links and we will take many weeks to repair these. I will continue contributing to EduTechWiki, in particular the now more active french version - Daniel K. Schneider (talk) 03:05, 10 April 2021 (CEST).

This wiki is not open for public writing at this time.

Blog & Recent Changes

Featured blog entry: This wiki slowly takes shape. While most contents still mirror pages from EduTechWiki, we did add some original contents. In french, how to create a start up in Switzerland, and in German some pages on Machine Embroidery.

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